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Plains, TX

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Each of us is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece has its place in God's plan. No one piece is optional. How frustrating it would be to put together a 3,000-piece puzzle only to find one of the pieces missing at the end!
That's how God sees us. Every piece is incredibly important! Everyone is necessary to complete the divine puzzle. When all the pieces fit together, the world can see a beautiful, completed picture of the heart of Jesus for people everywhere.
How do we find our place in God's plan? Will it come easily? Where do we start? As with any puzzle, each piece doesn't smoothly fall into place on the first attempt. It usually takes several tries in order to find the right fit. You turn the piece this way and that, set it aside and try a few others, and then you try again. If a piece doesn't fit on the first go-around, you don't toss the piece into the trash! No, you keep at it because you know every piece is a perfect fit ... somewhere.
"But I am just one piece," you might rationalize. "They can do without me. Why there are 2,999 other pieces! I'm just one, insignificant piece. They'll never miss me."
Don't you dare think that way! That's exactly how the enemy of our souls wants you to think of yourself, but don't you do it, even for a minute. You are vital to the success of our mission!
Come let us help you find where you fit at First Baptist.
In the Name of Christ,
Brother Patrick

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Archie Harris
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